Experience to cherish in every aspects of your time with us is what we at Serene Valley strive to achieve be it in the accommodation, food, activities or in other aspects of the offerings. Situated in a scenic landscape around with least explored natural beauty around will be topped with carefully developed spice garden, special tree plantations and built-in luxuries with a very cultural and humane touch is what we promise to stimulate your senses.


Wayanad, the home to mysterious mountain caves, hills, rocks, water bodies, ancient ruins, aboriginal tribes, jungle trails and exotic wildlife, Making it the perfect setting to create an exceptionally memorable experience of a lifetime.

It is a heaven hidden and preserved where the western and eastern ghats converge, bringing together elements of both systems to give it its unique climate throughout the year. Blessed with a wonderful average rainfall of over 2,000 m.m and average maximum and minimum temperatures of 29oC and 15oC respectively. This creates the best environment for a rainforest experience at `4000 feet above seal level.


Kerala has such a rich tradition in variety of cuisines be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Our love to food is so much so that a proverb in Malayalam on the harvest festival goes “kaanam vittum onam unnanam.” It means a man must host a sadya “a grand vegetarian lunch banquet” even if he is forced to sell his property.

It is our promise to provide you the rich traditional food with the mouth watering unique tastes because of the cooking methods and the locally grown selected ingredients.


Kerala is known for its spices ,since 3000 years. It still remains to be the spice capital of the world. The major part of the spices production is in Wayanad. This exhaustive list includes Black pepper, Cardamom, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Bay leaves,NUTMEG, peppers, Ginger, Turmeric . There are so many ayurvedic plants. We have a variety of these spices that you can also take home.


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